What is your touchstone art style?

By touchstone I mean what type of art is your baseline, the type of art you go to when you need comfort, and the type of art you unconsciously use to evaluate a painting or piece you when you see it for the first time.

What is your touchstone art style?

Mine is abstract art.

What is Abstract Art ? All You Need To Know About the Informal Visuals

And if I narrowed it down further, abstract expressionism. As a girl in NYC during 1967 – 1969 each month my schools art club visited the Whitney and the Guggenheim. I feel calm just remembering those visits.


On a visit to the Whitney with my dad, we happened on an Agnes Martin show. Dad was dismissive of the work, unimpressed. I wanted to enjoy it. So…..I asked him to stare at a painting for a few seconds and guess its title. After he guessed, I guessed too. What a blast! I was way off and Dad got it and almost everyone as we continued the game…maybe not the exact title, but Dad used symonyms for the words in Ms. Martin’s titles. Unforgettable.


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