I love oysters


There’s lots to love about the Delmarva Peninsula. Currently Cambridge, MD is my favorite. I’m dreaming about visiting next year. (My toe feels good most of the time.)

I love this mural on Race St. It’s a mosaic. Jen Wagner created the mural showing Cambridge’s history with community members. Whenever I’m in Cambridge I visit this mural in a small square off Race St.




Sitting in the park, people watching, and making small talk with strangers: some of my favorite things to do in Baltimore’s Mount Vernon.

I found this lion in my old photos. (I’m still recuperating from the broken toe.) He’s one of many varied statues in Mount Vernon Park, four squares that surround the Washington Monument.

Architecture buffs, city planners, and history buffs may enjoy a tour.

I’m getting the urge to visit again soon.



New Year’s weekend 2014 I drove up to New York to visit a friend.My dog, Brave, a fine travel companion and, usually, a good guest accompanied me.

Yikes! He barked and barked when we left her home.

Rover to the rescue. A guy in Bushwick about a half hour from my friend in Ridgewood could care for my dog.

After dropping the dog off I found these straphangers in the Gates Ave. station.


Remember these?

I grew up in NYC.

During the early 1980’s I worked and went to college.

My commute home to Ridgewood often meant walking a long underground tunnel between 7th Ave (the 1,2,3 IRT Line) and 6th Ave (the LL..now L…BMT Line).

Seeing Keith Haring’s chalk drawings in that tunnel made me smile, grin, and giggle. I loved them. I think lots of people loved them. People, other taggers, left them alone. The drawings lasted until the subway workers put up posters or new black paper.

This post resultd from remembering the way no one believed my stories of seeing black and white Keith Haring art in that tunnel. Really people!

Here’s Keith’s own words:

“One day, riding the subway, I saw this empty black panel where an advertisement was supposed to go. I immediately realized that this was the perfect place to draw. I went back above ground to a card shop and bought a box of white chalk, went back down and did a drawing on it. It was perfect–soft black paper; chalk drew on it really easily.”

So I forgive the naysayers.

Keith Haring Art in the Subway in Black & White


I gotta do this

I met Suzie Moffat last year at an art opening. (A fellow Stuyvesant HS alum whose daughter’s photos were in the show invited me….Here’s the exhibition.)

Just yesterday, Suzie posted vacation photos of jumping from a diving platform and swimming in the Atlantic Ocean in Galway, Ireland. I gotta do this…..

Fabulous Suzie

Top 5 Beaches in Galway

Blackrock, Galway

Broken toe

Yikes! Wading into the Chesapeake Bay yesterday I hit my toe on a rock. It’s broken.

The day trip to NYC to see the Stuart Davis show at the Whitney is cancelled. It’s too much walking. I feel sad.

All is not lost…..I will see the show when it travels to the National Gallery of Art in Washington.

Hooray ! Stuart Davis in Washington, DC